Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, D’Arcy grew up in Squamish and bought his first camcorder at the young age of 15 to shoot and edit his own snowboard videos. Today, as founder of Momentum Media Productions, D’Arcy’s reputation has evolved his passion into a full-time career and taken him all over the world.


D’Arcy’s work has been viewed by close to a million people online. He has also created segments that have been broadcasted on Shaw (Vancouver), OutTV (BC), and DAAI TV (Indonesia) and DOP’d documentaries screened at the WAM Festival and HotDocs.


While independent filmmakers are often known to wear many ‘hats,’ D’Arcy has managed to diversify and stand out in an increasingly populated industry. By producing over a hundred short films, he has had the opportunity to master an art form that requires an extreme variety of in-depth knowledge, including directing, using professional audio equipment, lighting on location, handling dozens of camera models, executing time-lapses, and editing both on the fly and in post-production using state-of-the-art software. D’Arcy is also known for his natural grasp of a wide variety of camera supports—from the all-mighty tripod to sliders, cranes and, most commonly, the Steadicam.


With a background in world-class customer service and an extremely diverse set of film skills, D’Arcy has become a huge asset to small businesses who seek full film crew quality and results at a fraction of the price.


Through his company Momentum Media Productions, D’Arcy’s varied skill set has resulted in an incredible portfolio comprising wedding videos, corporate documentaries, festival promotions, music videos, comedy sketches, charity events and eye-opening documentaries.



What kind of equipment do you use?

Our videos are shot with state-of-the-art DSLR equipment: primarily the Canon 7D and 5D Mark II cameras. These cameras have the ability to create a surprisingly cinematic look, with a shallow depth of field played out in true 1920×1080 high definition.

We also pride ourselves in taking these cameras to their extreme potentials. We don’t shoot handheld, but rather with shoulder rigs to stabilize our movements. Of course tripods are a must, and we have recently invested in a modern slider to get those incidentally smooth side scrolling shots you typically see only in Hollywood. Our cameras also get the opportunity to be mounted on a Glidecam 4000 Pro Steady Cam Rig, which is worth more than the camera itself! With this, the footage looks as if its flying through the air, following the action.

All too often, something that other companies overlook, is sound. Therefore, we make sure to use broadcast quality sound equipment to capture the acoustic nuances of each and every moment, ensuring the story is heard exactly as it was meant to be.